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Ocean Freight

We provide dedicated sea freight forwarding services throughout the world and we are here, ready to help you to find the right solution, customized to meet your unique requirements. We cover almost every port in the world, and our sea freight forwarding operate in all major trades.Our experience brings efficiency and accountability to transportation of sea freight forwarding, whether you need to move containers across the oceans, or just cargo from one port to another.

Our global network provides you with a direct or maximum-one-stop routings to ensure reliable and fast shipments which minimize the cargo-damage risk. Being your supply chain partner, Freight group of companies we can act like a control tower which will reduce complexity and cut end-to-end costs.

  • Fast Delivery
  • Special Product Protection
  • No Physical Barriers
  • No Extra Charge
  • Distribute by Expert Team
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If ocean freight is too slow, but air freight is too pricey, some freight forwarders are now offering a relatively new service, often called expedited freight. This service is often nearly as quick as air freight, but it costs more like ocean freight. It works by streamlining ocean freight processes and only tying in with the faster ocean services and premium trucking services.